Super Genius Links McDonald’s and Thurgood Marshall College Fund to offer $60,000 in HBCU Scholarships


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We’ve long been proud to have McDonald’s as a Super Genius client, but never more than now. For the restaurant’s new Black & Positively Golden campaign Super Genius was able to manage and strengthen the relationship between the Golden Arches and Thurgood Marshall College Fund to secure $60,000 in scholarships for students of Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

HBCU scholarship winner

2018 HBCU Scholarship Winner Brea Williams

Black & Positively Golden launched in March, marking the largest African American-focused campaign from McDonald’s USA in 16 years. As a whole, BAPG was created to celebrate the movement to uplift communities & inspire excellence through education, empowerment and entrepreneurship. Our mission on the campaign was to develop higher education opportunities.


2018 Scholarship Winner Quamir Payton

“McDonald’s has a long history of connecting with their customers in the areas they serve,” says Super Genius co-founder Bill Connell. “To continue that cycle it was imperative to us this campaign provided young people with tools to serve their own communities.”

Securing scholarship funds for students who were likely to give back to their neighborhood and beyond became our immediate goal. By facilitating the partnership between McDonald’s and TMCF we were able to do just that. As a result of Super Genius’ outreach plan attendees of HBCUs had the chance to apply for one of six 2019-2020 academic year scholarships worth $10,000 each in three categories:

  • HBCU Service Scholarships (2): $10,000

Awarded to students who exhibit strong community service & leadership. How does working in service of others, advance us all? And what will you do next to make your mark on the world?

  • Inspiration Celebration Scholarship (2): $10,000

Awarded for involvement in music performance and/or education. How does music inspire you? How do you use music to inspire others?

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit Scholarships (2): $10,000

Awarded for blazing your own path to success. When did you know you wanted to take an entrepreneurial path? How has your class work and or major helped you to achieve your entrepreneurial goals and aspirations?

“The importance of creating a positive working relationship between McDonald’s and TMCF to offer these scholarships can’t be understated,” says Super Genius co-founder Mat Burnett. “The success of this campaign, to be able to offer these life-changing scholarships, was reliant on ensuring these organizations see eye to eye.”


2018 HBCU Scholarship Winner Annaya Morrison

When two parties come together with a similar goal it can still be difficult to determine the terms of a coworking situation. Ultimately Super Genius was able to manage the alliance between these two institutions to ensure the scholarships were appropriately marketed to attract the largest possible audience while highlighting the contributions of McDonald’s and TMCF.

As a marketing and entertainment production agency based in Chicago the Super Genius team is able to witness first hand the uniqueness of cultures from around the globe. To be able work hand in hand with organizations that want to create a better tomorrow gives us unmatched gratification. And now that the application period has closed for the Black & Positively Golden and TMCF scholarships we’re thrilled to see the smiles on the selected students’ faces as the big checks are handed out.

2018 HBCU Scholarship Winner Rachelle Brown

2018 HBCU Scholarship Winner Rachelle Brown

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