Garage Squad Welcomes Cristy Lee as New Co-Host


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cristy3.2Cristy Lee is joining Garage Squad for season six! While Heather Storm’s move to new projects weighs heavy on the crew, she will always be part of the Garage Squad family. But like Henry Ford’s first car, there’s no going backward. As production ramps-up it’s becoming clear that Cristy is going to be a perfect addition to the Squad and she’s elated to be working with such a dedicated team.

“I’m super pumped to be part of Garage Squad,” Cristy says. “It’s a great show, great concept, great stories, great builds.”

Cristy has plenty of car stories of her own so the opportunity to participate in other people’s automotive tales was easy to jump on. She loves that the attraction to the show isn’t just about how the rides turn out, but also the history of the cars and their owners.

“Something that is really important about Garage Squad is that it is all about the story,” she says. “The vehicle is important, we want to see cool cars, but it’s more about the story of that ride and the owner and that’s what really sets this show apart.”

Joe Zolper knows Cristy is going to bring a new layer of entertainment and expertise to Garage Squad. Viewers are going to fall in love with her on this show, just as they have on other Motor Trend productions, he says. His belief was solidified during the first days of production for the upcoming season.

“You want to know what someone’s all about,” Joe says, “and I’ve been watching her and as a real gearhead I can spot a phony from a mile away. That’s not Cristy.”

It isn’t just her know-how that will elevate builds to the next level, it’s her charisma. Crew changes are difficult for any office, production or team, but when Bruno Massel learned he’d be reunited with an old friend he knew those hard to fill shoes would get a good run.

“Cristy brings a lot of enthusiasm, she’s a lot of fun to be around,” Bruno says. “She’s going to fit in perfect.”

The friendly environment makes for a smooth transition for Cristy, but it doesn’t take away from the challenge of telling important stories and getting dusty rides cruise-worthy. Sharing a vehicle’s history, learning how it ended up in the condition it’s in and figuring out how Garage Squad can help the owner is all in a day’s work, but the job isn’t finished until the car is back on the road.

“At the end of the day the Squad has a shared mission to complete cool builds,” Cristy says. “We want to help get them done and we want to get people back in the seats of these cars so the owner’s car story can continue. That’s the heart of Garage Squad.

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